Sex in a dictator's beachside palace. Hash in a horse-drawn carriage. Expats. is an unfiltered coming-of-age mini-series of American escapades abroad. Fictionalized episodes inspired by the experiences youthful American in new unfamiliar and inflamed settings. 


creative concept  / art direction / strategy & planning 




Expats takes a fictionalized look at the coming-of-age adventures of living abroad in the character's early 20s.  Send abroad for a gap year, college study or language immersion - the experiences in a developing country create a culture of vice without repercussion. Our protagonists come from all over the western world - representing archetypes while coming to terms with who they are as individuals. Through pleasure and pain they learn about privilege through countless episodes of breaking the rules. 

Set in the Middle East, Expats confronts cultural differences head on, with moments of discomfort opening up conversations on what it means to be human. This is a 10 episode series.



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