Jesse (Jesus) Ayala is an award-winning film director known for his work in immersive and virtual reality storytelling.


Ayala is a principal member at Fovrth Studios (GoFovrth.com), a New York City based studio specializing in new media and immersive nonfiction storytelling and production.

Ayala's work has premiered at  Tribeca Film Festival, SxSW Film Festival, Cannes NEXT, Sheffield DocFest, and The American Film Institute Doc Fest, SCAD Future Fest and more.

Experiences are what define us. Sharing those drives change in our communities and ignites change within us because we are empowered through visibility. 


For the past decade Ayala worked with organizations and individuals to develop intriguing stories that convey big ideas through compelling culturally relevant and accessible media. His collaborators include Facebook, Oculus, The United Nations, The Clinton Global Initiative, Teach for America, Global Citizen, The Future of Storytelling, and Zoom, in addition to many other startups, studios, universities, and individuals with a story to tell.

From the front lines of revolutions to the front row of fashion shows, Ayala's work takes me all over the world to small villages to mega cities. Explore this website to learn more about his work. 


E-Commerce + Creative Direction

Teach for America


The Awakening

Creative Direction

Arab Spring

Conflict Photojournalism

Row And Rue

Content Marketing + Creative Direction

United Nations Gaza Strip

Documentary Media

Clinton HIV/AIDS

Project Director

Year of the Youth

Video + Photography


Project Development