MODAVANTI is the destination for conscious commerce. Curating over 150 brands, Modavanti's mission it to make it easy to shop responsibly - taking into consideration social good, the environment and ethical labor - without compromising on aesthetics and quality design. Modavanti currently offers women's, men's, beauty and lifestyle products from all over the world.  

Modavanti approaches both the fashion industry and the sustainable fashion movement as a constructive voice for social entrepreneurship, including Modavanti’s commitment to a Triple Bottom Line. Modavanti defines this principle through its core values of People, Planet and Profit, and thus, in addition to ethically-sourced and eco-friendly product, a percentage of each purchase goes towards Modavanti’s charity partners helping move fashion forward. 

Ayala is the co-founder and creative director at Modavanti.



art direction / graphic design / branding / e-commerce integration / strategy & planning / pop-up shop / strategic partnerships + collaborations / photography / project management


  • InStyle Digi Award Best of Web 2013
  • Huffington Post What's Working in America 2012 Award
  • Ethical Fashion Forum member 


Refinery29 /  WWD / TechCrunch / Huffington Post / Mic / InStyle / The Today Show / Mashable / A Green Beauty / WearNoEvil / ManRepeller / Row+Rue / 

Visual Merchansiding Mood


Defining a Aesthetic

Conscious fashion is an emerging market with an explosion of product offerings expanding in the 2010s. Merchandising a store where a visual is as important as the manufacturing story provides challenges and opportunities expressed through the Modavanti experience. To have the largest impact, our aesthetic is informed by the wider fashion forward community with easy access products in a departments.




The Modavanti brand has undergone two major changes to it aesthetic and messaging. Modavanti means 'fashion forward.' We attempted to use this phrase as a subtitle, however found it was more valuable in the phrase 'moving fashion forward.' To more directly state the brand identity we evolved the tagline from 'sustainable fashion' to 'life, consciously styled.' 





In developing our merchandising aesthetic, the site blueprints needed to account for two primary objective: a) intermixing of merchandise, 2) communicating  individual brand and product stories. The solution we developed uses multiple access points to products, brands, and sustainability with differing hierarchical placement across pages. This department shop page displays a mix of gateway images pushing brands,  styled curations, product categories.

The look book portal below was designed as an opportunity to shop by mood photography direct from the individualized brands. Each tells an individual story of the brand's development in the current season.



Each product on Modavanti takes consideration for human rights and the environment in their design and manufacturing.  Made in USA is on of eight conscious standards consumers can shop by.