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e-commerce & Entrepreneurship 

Modavanti is the destination for conscious commerce. Modavanti was founded as a response to the degradation of the environment and the worker, accelerated by the fast-fashion culture worldwide. For the past decade, experts have been forecasting and identifying trends towards sustainable fashion and socially-conscious consumerism. Modavanti has emerged as the one-stop shop for the socially-conscious fashionista. 

Modavanti approaches both the fashion industry and the sustainable fashion movement as a constructive voice for social entrepreneurship, including Modavanti’s commitment to a Triple Bottom Line. Modavanti defines this principle through its core values of People, Planet and Profit, and thus, in addition to ethically-sourced and eco-friendly product, a percentage of each purchase goes towards Modavanti’s charity partners: other players in the movement. 

Curating over 150 brands, Modavanti's mission it to make it easy to shop responsibly - taking into consideration social good, the environment and ethical labor - without compromising on aesthetics and quality design. Modavanti currently offers women's, men's, beauty and lifestyle products from all over the world. 

Ayala is the co-founder and creative director at Modavanti.



Earth Month 2015 is a awareness pop-up campaign to raise awareness about the impact of fashion and apparel industries on climate change. Through a series of events, social media engagement, blogging and organizing, serves as the central hub of information and access to new consumer channels as part of the move towards a more conscious economy. The campaign is a cross-collaboration between 15+ social good companies.

Ayala is the lead designer of the multi-brand campaign's website and branding.  


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Teach For America 

Ayala served as teacher for Teach for America in New Orleans where he taught at the Priestley School of Architecture & Design - a design-build charter school in born in the wake of Hurricane Katrina's destruction. With a staff of professional architects, urban planners, conventional educators and Teach for America corps members, the school's mission was to develop a generation of New Orleanians committed to the city's architectural preservation and smart design moving forward.