United Nations Special Convoy To the Gaza Strip 

Delegate as part of 35-member multi-national United Nations Special Convoy to the Gaza Strip in June 2009. The convoy's mission was to survey and document the state of private and public infrastructure in the aftermath of the 2009 Israeli Military Operation Cast Lead. As the first outside foreign delegation to pass through the Hamas controlled border, we conducted interviews and site visits to medical infrastructure, UNRWA facilities, tunnel economy, refugee camps, harbor and agricultural zones. 




risk assessment / photography 



The Rafah Border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, operated by HAMAS - the governing body in the Gaza Strip.


Residential and commercial structures in Rafah, a highly targeted location in Gaza as it built over the Rafah tunnel network into Egypt. 


The Gaza seaport. Lacking access to deep Mediterranean waters, the region is barred from commercial trade through this port and over-saturation of fishing boats has devastated this natural resource. 

Street art commemorating the former leader of the Palestinian resistance and government Yasser Arafat.  


Children fenced off by barbed wire in Gaza's inefficient agricultural zones, near the Israeli separation barrier. 


Pro-resistance street art in Gaza City.